SADI: A Contemporary Program Reigniting Sadu Textiles’ Relevance in our Modern Age

Sadu Art & Design Initiative (SADI) is a program envisioned by the AlSadu Society to encourage creativity and innovation in contemporary textile arts and design. Starting in 2016, every year since, a collective of five emerging artists from various creative backgrounds are invited to participate in the program and immerse themselves in the beauty and intricacies of Sadu weaving and design repertoire, researching its past, present, and future. The three-month program consists of workshops, lectures, and open studio hours, culminating with an annual exhibition held by the AlSadu Society in collaboration with the NCCAL Al Qurain Festival, dedicated to showcasing the works of SADI artists. Stay tuned for the SADI 2023 exhibition announcement.

Meet the Generations of SADI Artists

Reviving Our Roots

The intricate, interwoven patterns of Sadu typically disguise its humble roots; every Sadu piece starts with a simple thread, a loom, and an inspired thought, all of which the weaver draws from her surrounding stark desert environment. In contrast, today’s artistic expression is typically the product of our overstimulated environments and interactions – the many colours, materials, and gadgets surrounding us.

During this program, we challenged artists to revisit their roots and the roots of Sadu, learning the basics of the craft, exploring the raw materials and ideas that evolve into each colourful piece, and reimagining the elements of Sadu through contemporary expression.


Hadeye Badri


Noor Al Fayez


Noor Ebrahim


Talah Al Sayer


Ali Al Yousefi


Sulaiman Al Omar

Connectivity Through Art

Art has always been about connection. The artist connects with a thought or an idea, expresses it through a medium, and becomes an integrated part of the piece. In Sadu, each piece is born from a connection between the weaver and her surroundings, the colourful threads and the sturdy loom. The connection doesn’t stop with the artist or the weaver. Once carefully crafted, a piece can uniquely connect with different individuals, forming infinite new connections. That’s the beauty of art.

As we found ourselves in unique global circumstances that connected and disconnected us, we challenged SADI 2021 artists to find inspiration from the current social climate, our surroundings, and the Sadu principles to connect with the world through their unique art forms.


Fatema Al Bader


Razan Al Sarraf


Sheikha Al Habshi


Fay Al Awadhi


Ahmad Al Ajmi

Rhythm of Sadu

From the spinning and twisting of the fleece, the sway of the warping threads, to the beat of the weavers’ hands on their loom, the art of Sadu is full of rhythm. The very patterns and rich colours that distinguish each piece of woven textile are also rhythmic in their repetition.

During this program, we challenged artists to explore the capacity and dynamism of rhythm in Sadu art and reflect that in their pieces.


Maha AlAsaker


Ahmad Jamal


Husain AlBanay


Salem AlSalem


Sultan AlSamhan

Sustainability & Textiles

Historically Sadu, as both a concept and material, has blended and catered to its desert surroundings, acting as a man-made craft that is both useful to its craftsmen and non-intrusive to its natural surrounding environment. The sustainable nature of Sadu is evident in the stories of its origin and the pieces we find today.

During this program, we challenged artists to revisit this idea of sustainability and create pieces that reflect environmental sustainability in practicality, message, or both.


Fadha Al Omar


Munirah Al Shami


Abdullah Al Saleh


Jawad Al Tabtabai


Mishari Al Najjar