The Art of Weaving


"The Art of Weaving" Training Course 

Exclusively tailored for the art education curriculum at the Ministry of Education

AlSadu Society developed an educational program, the “Art of Weaving” curriculum in collaboration with the Department of Art Education, at the Ministry of Education by including Al Ragom weaving. Training started in 2016 and was launched as part of the curriculum in 2018. 

Al Sadu Society organized a special intensive training course for the education districts for department heads and teachers, headed by Program Manager Hanan Al Kazemi and taught by weaving instructor Ms. Laila Yasser.

This intensive course in the art of weaving (Al-Ragom design) was offered to 21 trainees from the MOE’s art department heads and the educators from the 7 governates of Kuwait. 

Approximately 160 educators attended the courses that were led by Ms. Hanan Alkazemi and Ms. Laila Yasser who demonstrated the weaving process. 

The Ministry of Education introduced the Art of Sadu Weaving as part of the curriculum for 8th grade students.