AlSadu Street a modern landmark, blending history, culture, and innovation, as well as uniting tradition with contemporary design.

Vision and Implementation


In the midst of growing globalization, diversity and technological speed, emphasizing one’s cultural identity and individuality, takes important precedence. This individuality is represented by cultural heritage, its values, arts and customs inherited and passed on from generation to another. These customs and values mark and shape cultures and peoples.

Traditional crafts, such as “Sadu” are an integral part of our cultural heritage, Sadu weaving traditions thus require our consideration, care and transformation into the contemporary vocabulary of art and creativity.

Thus the creation of “AlSadu Street” which is a dynamic modern cultural landmark, blending history, culture, and innovation. It boasts vibrant street art and interactive installations that celebrate the fusion of tradition and modernity, blending age old Sadu motifs with contemporary design and use.



AlSadu Street took 300 hours and 10 workers to complete.



The bricks used in AlSadu Street are specially made multi-purpose Kuwaiti bricks in colors that match the Sadu motifs.

The Sadu patterns were transformed digitally and rendered in a graphic design that meet the nature and shape of the street without altering the motifs and patterns.

Concept and Implementation

The inspiration for AlSadu Street came from our comprehensive studies of the design patterns from our permanent collection of Sadu pieces and transferring it digitally and rendering it in a graphic design with updated specifications that meet the nature and shape of the street without changing the motifs and patterns.

During the design process, a graphic structure was created for the street to shape the Sadu motifs to match the shape and size of the bricks.

Some of the difficulties that we faced during designing the graphic structure is using the Sadu motifs in a round shape to match or go with the roundabout.

300 hours     10 workers    190,000 bricks

Project duration: March – September 2023

Specially made multi-purpose Kuwaiti bricks were used in colors that match the Sadu motifs.

The bricks took two weeks to make from the time of ordering.

All the materials used in the AlSadu street were made locally in Kuwait.

The completion of the project was supervised by AlSadu society, also with the assistance of Kuwaiti engineers from the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Electricity and Water.

It honors Kuwait’s traditional Bedouin weaving, known as "AlSadu," showcasing the creative expression and expertise of women weavers.

Governmental entities that participated in the project:

Crown Prince Diwan

Al-Diwan Al-Amiri

AlSadu Society

Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Electricity and Water

Ministry of Information

Ministry of Interior

Public Authority for Roads and Transportation