Al Sadu Society


Dedicated to celebrating the rich and diverse woven textile heritage of Kuwait, inspired by the values of productivity and creativity of the nation’s past, weaving together a cultural identity for both present and future generations.

Al-Sadu Preservation Group

Al Sadu Conservation Team is a group of dedicated individuals and artifact enthusiasts, who care for the preservation of the early Sadu pieces dated back to the 1950s. They provide a service of professional conservation and pivotal guidelines for archiving our unique age-old permanent collection of textile heritage and arts.


The Library contains a variety of books, publications , research papers and documents related to  weaving and textile arts in Kuwait, the Arab world and beyond. It aims to serve researchers, scholars and all  interested in the field of textile heritage .Titles of books may be accessed online through digital index to ensure easy interaction for researchers and academics. 


The museum presents the story of traditional weaving in Kuwait, from desert to town. It is intended to narrate the history of this rich textile heritage; the nomadic weaving of sadu to the urban pit loom bisht weaving . It also reflects on the related techniques and design patterns.


Sadu House, a traditional Kuwaiti house, was built in 1936 by the head of an affluent family, Youssef Al Marzouk. The house overlooked the seafront and incorporated four open courtyards with many Indian decorative influences. In the 1970s the house was purchased by the State under the Ministry of Information and later was acquired by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. In the 1980 it embraced the tradition of weaving and became the home of weavings and textiles – Sadu House.




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