Uzbekistani Ambassadors visit

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan visited Sadu House to discuss different means of collaboration between Sadu and Uzbek ministry of culture

US delegations visit

The US deputy assistant secretary of defense Ms. Dana Stroul and the charge d Affairs of US embassy Mr. James Holt Snider visited us as a part of their visit to Kuwait.
11 February

Charity Drive to create handwoven donations for victims of the Turkey & Syria earthquake

502 handmade items produced by our members and volunteers for those affected by the catastrophe in Turkey & Syria.

AlSadu Celebrates the National Holidays

On the occasion of Kuwait’s National Day Celebrations, the Al-Sadu Society is pleased to participate in a number of cultural events that reflect its efforts in preserving Kuwait’s textile heritage as well as promoting and supporting contemporary creative artistic expression in Kuwait.
20 to 22 February

Weaving Heritage Exhibition at AlHamra Mall

We have opened “exhibition of textile heritage in Badia” in Al Hamra tower in February which is open till April month.
13 February

Kuwait’s National Day at CSS

We have visited the College of Social Sciences at Kuwait University to present the Weaving Stories mural on the 12th of February
22 to 27 February

Assima, The heart of Kuwait celebrations

Al Sadu society participated at Al Assima mall to celebrate Kuwait national day and liberation with a lot of workshops for kids and adults.
16 February

Weaving Stories mural exhibition at KPC

Al Sadu society participated at KPC to celebrate Kuwait national day and liberation by showing “weaving stories”
23, 24, 25 February

Upcycled arts children’s workshops at Winter Wonderland

Al Sadu Society enjoyed winter wonderland with Recycling art workshops for children to visit at Winter Wonderland every weekend during the month of February, sponsored by Kuwaiti Finance House.
25 February

The embassy of the State of Kuwait, Cairo celebrates

Ms. Masirah Al Enezi participated The Embassy of the state of Kuwait in Cairo to celebrate the 62nd national day and the 32nd anniversary of liberation of the state of Kuwait by showing them Sadus waving live.
Whole February Month

Sadu space & crafts at the Oasis at 360 mall

360 mall celebrated Al Sadu achievements by showing the important achievement at Al Sadu yard and crafts
20 February to 20 March

Mikshaat Expo

Al Sadu store participated in Mikshaat at Sulaibikhat area to present a lot of Sadus traditional and modern pieces.
17, 18, 19 March

AlMubarakiya Festival

AlSadu Society partook in the Al Mubarkiya Festival which is sponsored by Kuwait Finance House to present a lot of Sadus traditional and modern pieces by Sadus weavers and artists
11 to 25 March

SADI 2023

The opening of SADI 2023 exhibition “Symbolism & Storytelling”, which is exhibit highlighted the work of the 5 participants and by showing exploration and dissection of Sadu symbolism, adapting and reimagining it to tell their own stories through their artistic mediums of expression.
14 March

The Egyptian Minister of Culture visit

The Egyptian minister of cultural visited Sadu House on March 14th .
14 March

The visit of General director of ALECSO

The General Director of ALECSO visited Sadu House on March 14th.
15 March

Sadu in the Sky

Started of 5 wokshops group at the highest top in Kuwait city at Al Hamra tower named “Sadu in the sky”.
13 March

Chairpersons visit to the Crown Prince

His Highness Sheikh Meshaal Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah the crown prince received the certificate from UNESCO on the file best safeguarding practices from Sheikha Bibi Al Sabah at Bayan palace.
13 March

Chairpersons visit to the Prime Minister

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al Ahmad Al Sabah the prime minister received the certificate from UNESCO on the file best safeguarding practices from Sheikha Bibi Al Sabah at Bayan palace.
16 March

Al Sadu society visited the Ministry of Education

The Sadu Society visited the Minister of Education to discuss intellectual property rights and future collaborations.

Receiving the first batch of the refugee's work in Sadu according to the existing cooperation between the UNHCR & AlSadu Society

AlSadu Society and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR come together in showcasing traditional crafts with a cause, creating a new artisanal line through MADE51 that reflects open dialogue and philanthropy. By purchasing this piece, you are supporting and empowering refugee women in Egypt.
7 January to 10 March

Fun with Textiles Program

Our Textiles Workshops started again on the 7th of January ...
This is a great way for your child to explore the textile arts in a fun environment and stimulate their creativity. This program is in partnership with the Kuwait Finance House.
22 January to 7 March

INSIJ Program

Insij weaving workshops to learn the traditional art of weaving with our experienced instructors.