The Print Room is a multidisciplinary workshop space and a full fledged screen printing facility. We specialize in print making and screen printing on all mediums.


In this 5-step course, you will learn how to transfer an image to a synthetic screen and print onto fabric, in addition to exploring layering, color, registration and stencils.

This course is ideal for beginners or those wishing to refresh their skills.

Course Schedule:

  • Artwork Preparation
  • Screen Preparation and Developing
  • Introductions into copying into paper
  • Layering & Registration etc.
  • Textile Printing


The workshop will explore areas of screen-printing onto handmade greeting cards that participants will have the opportunity to design, create and keep for this festive holiday season! Children are welcome to participate in this fun activity alongside adults.


Participants will be provided their own block that they will learn how to carve and create their artwork. The participants will then print on the covers of a notebook. Price is inclusive of all materials.


Participants will be learning the basics of screen printing. Understanding the idea of composing artwork from shapes and color. Each participant will be given their own screen, that they will use to experiment and produce their artwork. The participants will then be given posters to print their final artwork. Price is inclusive of all materials.

THE PRINT ROOM - Art Residency Program

Work • Learn • Prep • Show

Work: You will be placed in a work internship at The Print Room once or twice a week where you will be working closely with an established artist and be mentored by them.

Learn: Learn the different mediums of printmaking at The Print Room to help you with establishing a body of work.

Prep: Work on creating a body of work from briefs that will be handed to you by our curators and artists to help you prep for your solo / group show.

Show: You will solidify your residency by having a solo or group show that will showcase all the artwork you have worked on at The Print Room during your residency.


Opening times:

  • Mondays & Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 pm


  • Intensive 1 on 1 workshop for 4 hours (over two sessions) is 95 KD
  • Group workshop for 2 hours is 35 KD per person, and 4 hours is 60 KD per person

For enquiries contact on Instagram.