A work of reference which performs as a comprehensive survey of textile art and production around the world, dating from...
 Jennifer Harris
Pick the perfect pattern every time! Sought after for nearly a century, A Handweaver's Pattern Book is the venerable compendium...
 Marguerite Porter Davison
 Javad Kamyabi
The biography of Jane Digby el Mezrab.
 Mary S. Lovell
The most distinctive coins ever minted, the Empress Maria Theresa thaler was first struck in 1741 in Vienna, a year...
 Clara Semple
A traveling exhibition created by Dijanne cevaal
 Dijanne cevaal
this book is dedicated to the courageous people of Afghanistan.
 Naila Hussain
((10 Envelopes and notecards)) From 1 to 5: Textile, Ghana - From 6 to 10: Tunic, Algeria.
Generously sized and beautifully illustrated, African Textiles is an authoritative survey of textile arts - unique and collectible rugs, tapestries,...
 John Gillow
The techniques of bedouin weaving
 Anne Rhona Crichton
Primary scientific report on the activities of the Kuwait-Slovak archaological mission.
 Lucia Benedikova
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