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Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia

 Author: John T. Wertime  Publisher: Laurence King in association with HALI  : 1998  ISBN: 1-85669-107-1  Language: English  Tags: PersiaSumaktechniqueTranscaucasiaweaving |
Sumak bags were woven by tribes in the Near East to store and carry articles and foodstuffs, and range in size from small salt bags to large bedding bags. Sumak is not a people or region, but a technique – an elaborate form of flat-weaving. Owing to their sophisticated weaving technique, strong colours and highly decorative design, sumak bags from that region are particularly sought after by collectors. With reference to a selection of the best pieces available, the author of this book develops a case for pinpointing specific regional weaving styles, by grouping the bags according to shared design repertoire, use of colour, and sumak technique.
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