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Pick the perfect pattern every time! Sought after for nearly a century, A Handweaver's Pattern Book is the venerable compendium...
 Marguerite Porter Davison
The techniques of bedouin weaving
 Anne Rhona Crichton
Study on Precolumbian textiles from major cultures and weaving centers.
 Ruth Corcuera
 Ahmad al khateb
 Diane Philippoff Maurer
Another outstanding contribution by Mr. Tanavoli to the study of South Persian tribal rugs and carpets -- this time on...
 Parviz Tanavoli
Braided, knitted, hooked, or woven: today's handmade rugs have a newfound sophistication that goes far beyond the utilitarian creations of...
 Sandra Hardy
This book is the most comprehensive ever written on the horse accoutrements and animal covers of Iran. This book contains...
 Parviz Tanavoli
ornate tent dividers and weavings of the Kuwait desert.
 Altaf Salem Al Ali Al Sabah
This volume deals in depth with Indian textiles in the ikat technique. It is based on the Victoria and Albert...
 Chelna Desai
One of the most popular forms of weaving today, for beginners and experts alike. With more than 200 black and...
 Helene Bress
 Guran Erbek
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Sadu House door puzzle

بوحي من تقاليد المعمار التقليدي الكويتي المتمثل بالباب الخشبي المميز في بيت المرزوق (بيت السدو الكويتي) وبالتعاون مع شركة عيسى وجود يسرنا ان نقدم لكم لعبة تركيب باب بيت السدو المصنوعه اخشاب الطبيعية ومواد صديقة للبيئة.

Inspired by Kuwait’s traditional architecture especially as reflected in the main wooden door of Al-Marzouq House (premises of the Kuwaiti Sadu House), and in collaboration with Eissa and Jude, we are proud to present the Sadu House Door Puzzle made from natural wood and environmentally friendly materials.

20.000 KWD


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