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Handcrafted Rugs

 Author: Sandra Hardy  Publisher: Guild of Master Craftsman Publications  : 2001  ISBN: 1-86108-245-2  Language: English  Tags: artcraftHadcraftedRugsweaving |
Braided, knitted, hooked, or woven: today’s handmade rugs have a newfound sophistication that goes far beyond the utilitarian creations of the past. An acclaimed designer proves just how vibrant and colorful these patterns can be, as she presents the most popular techniques in use right now-along with invaluable guidance on every aspect of the craft. In addition to wonderfully detailed instructions for more than a dozen methods (most requiring a minimum of equipment), there’s advice on dyeing, applying decorative trims and edges, and designing. Best of all: you’ll get to make six of the author’s splendid original designs, including a rainbow-striped mat, a tufted flower rug, and a hooked rug with a fruit motif that’s as beautiful as a still life.
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