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 Javad Kamyabi
A traveling exhibition created by Dijanne cevaal
 Dijanne cevaal
Generously sized and beautifully illustrated, African Textiles is an authoritative survey of textile arts - unique and collectible rugs, tapestries,...
 John Gillow
 Guran Erbek
The arabesque is a form of artistic decoration consisting of "surface decorations based on rhythmic linear patterns of scrolling and...
 Clara Schmidt
An illustrated series of profiles of outstanding contemporary artists working in a variety of textile media. Art Textiles of the...
 Matthew Koumis
 Nazeih Taleb Maarouf & Semiramis Cavusoglu
Textiles, probably the best-known example of Thailand's traditional crafts, form only part of the rich assortment of creative products and...
 William Warren and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
Syria's premiere modern and contemporary arts gallery.
 Khaled Samawi
In 1993 the Braid Society held its inaugural meeting, bringing together people interested in the world of braids and narrow...
 Jacqui Carey
Fiber artists will welcome this opportunity to learn how to use and control color with this monumental and exquisitely beautiful...
 Patricia Lambert, Barbara Staepelaere, Mary G. Fry
An illustrated study of the American painter Edward Hopper.
 Ita G. Berkow
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Sadu House door puzzle

بوحي من تقاليد المعمار التقليدي الكويتي المتمثل بالباب الخشبي المميز في بيت المرزوق (بيت السدو الكويتي) وبالتعاون مع شركة عيسى وجود يسرنا ان نقدم لكم لعبة تركيب باب بيت السدو المصنوعه اخشاب الطبيعية ومواد صديقة للبيئة.

Inspired by Kuwait’s traditional architecture especially as reflected in the main wooden door of Al-Marzouq House (premises of the Kuwaiti Sadu House), and in collaboration with Eissa and Jude, we are proud to present the Sadu House Door Puzzle made from natural wood and environmentally friendly materials.

20.000 KWD


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