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Arts and Crafts of Thailand

 Author: William Warren and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni  Publisher: Asia Books  : 1996  ISBN: 0-500-27801-6  Language: English  Tags: artCraftsTextilesthailandtradition |
Textiles, probably the best-known example of Thailand’s traditional crafts, form only part of the rich assortment of creative products and techniques presented in Arts and Crafts of Thailand. Over 175 spectacular full-color photographs showcase a wide variety of handicrafts, including baskets, earthenware, water dippers, shimmering silk fabrics, fine silverware, lacquerware, jewelry, furniture, wood carvings, and altar tables and other ceremonial objects. The trappings of Thai theater arts – masks, puppets, dance costumes, and musical instruments – are also represented here.
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