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Textiles, probably the best-known example of Thailand's traditional crafts, form only part of the rich assortment of creative products and...
 William Warren and Luca Invernizzi Tettoni
This extraordinary private collection of traditional costumes, put together with taste and passion by an Italo-Turkish couple, will take us...
 Mary Hunt Kahlenberg & Valérie Bérinstain
past, present and future prospects for developing this heritage in the context of continuous changes of the market, design, quality...
An illustrated guide and survey to traditional and modern Indonesian textile design.
 Michael Hitchcock
Contemporary Approach to traditional Malay Textiles.
 Zaharah Ahmad Osman and Zaliha Shaari
These beautiful containers are most closely associated an probably originated with the peoples of the Great Plains, where they were...
 Gaylord Torrence
This is an account of twenty-two years spent off and on among the Bedouins of Arabia, migrating, hunting, raiding, starving...
 Carl R. Raswan
This book is a showcase of crafted products created by small manufacturers. Its in more demand than ever and small...
 Duncan Campbell, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten, Charlotte Rey
The book is grounded in the environment as it acknowledges and explores the context in which each craft is practiced....
 Noorjehan Bilgrami
art style
 hikmet Barutcugil
All About the Country Kuwait and its evolving cultue
 Jennifer M. Scarce
Talks all about the pottery, leather, glass, calligrphy, brass, wood, textiles, carpets, jewelry, papyrus and palm and stone and how...
 Menha El-Btraoui
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