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The Craft and the Makers

 Author: Duncan Campbell, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten, Charlotte Rey  Publisher: Gestalten  : 2024  ISBN: 978-3-89955-548-6  Language: English  Tags: craftmakerstradition |
This book is a showcase of crafted products created by small manufacturers. Its in more demand than ever and small manufacturers are experiencing an overwhelming renaissance. We are looking for products that last and have their own histories; things that meld form, function, and emotion into a compelling entity. This desire will continue to shape our attitudes toward consumer and luxury goods as well as innovation for the foreseeable future. There are already many people who are not concerned with a logo, chasing the next trend, or contributing to a disposable society. They would rather seek objects of real value and own things with which they can truly identify. The Craft and the Makers showcases savvy businesses that are choosing to focus on craftsmanship and aiming to create things with a soul. A decisive role is played by melding tradition and innovation –from the raw materials used to the finished product.
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