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Nomad Tent Types in the Middle East

 Author: Peter Alford Andrews  Category:  Publisher: Beihefte Zum Tubinger Atlas Des Vorderen Orients  : 1997  ISBN: 3-88226-890-5  Language: English & German  Tags:Culture | Economy | History | Middle East | Nomad | tent |
This is the first book to attempt a comprehensice treatment of the wide variety of nomad tents still in use in the Middle East: it is both architectural and ethnographical. It draws primarily on the author’s own extensive fieldwork sind 1967, providing largely first-hand information on a fascinating but badly-neglected area of architecture. He began the task of recording these traditions with a sense of urgency, as they seemed threatened with imminent extinction. The survey was therefore made in sufficient detail to allow the tents to be reconstructed. Changes over the last thirty years have in fact led to reductions in the number of nomads, severe weakening of their economy, the intrusion of new materials, and the adoption of mechanised ransport; some, but not all, of the types studied have indeed disappeared.