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a wide variety of cultures and eras, discussing production and trade, economics, and symbolic and spiritual associations.
 Annette B. Weiner & JaneSchneider
Special Edition, Widening local development pathways
Building materials were taken from materials available in nature: sea rock, mud, limestone and gypsum. As old Kuwait’s economy depended...
 Saleh Abdulghani Al Mutawa
The blue dye indigo has been the world's most valued dyestuff for almost five millennia. This text covers in detail...
 Jenny Balfour Paul
Excavations at H3, Kuwait, throw important new light on the economy of the Arabian Neolithic, the early history of seafaring...
 Robert A. Carter, Harriet E. W. Crawford, Mark Beech
This is the first book to attempt a comprehensice treatment of the wide variety of nomad tents still in use...
 Peter Alford Andrews
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