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A work of reference which performs as a comprehensive survey of textile art and production around the world, dating from...
 Jennifer Harris
Study on Precolumbian textiles from major cultures and weaving centers.
 Ruth Corcuera
This extraordinary private collection of traditional costumes, put together with taste and passion by an Italo-Turkish couple, will take us...
 Mary Hunt Kahlenberg & Valérie Bérinstain
In this illustrated book, Victoria Rovine explores the revival of a traditional African textile known variously as bogolanfini, bogolan or...
 Victoria L. Rovine
Contemporary Approach to traditional Malay Textiles.
 Zaharah Ahmad Osman and Zaliha Shaari
 Guran Erbek
Museum Journal
 Andrew Oliver and Patricia L. Fiske
 John Gillow
A classic in the field, with clear instructions and numerous illustrations, the book describes both old techniques and new technical...
 Peter Collingwood
A Handbook of Weaving, Braiding, Printing, and oher Textile Techniques
 Verla Birrell
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