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Study on Precolumbian textiles from major cultures and weaving centers.
 Ruth Corcuera
muscat international festival for arts, heritage and creativity 2011 - album of the winning entries.
 nazeih taleb maarouf
This book surveys male and female fashions from the nineteenth century to the present day, and describes the main regional...
 Shelagh Weir
Traditional "Fallahi" Cross-Stitch
 Widad Kamel Kawar & Tania Tamari Nasir
The book is an impressive presentation of the Omani craft, heritage, artifacts and traditions in a regional format that provides...
 Neil Richardson and Marcia Dorr
 Neil Richardson and Marcia Dorr
The Revival of Palestinian Traditional Heritage: Documentation of "Inaash" embroidery over thirty years based on traditional old Palestinian motifs adapted...
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