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Pick the perfect pattern every time! Sought after for nearly a century, A Handweaver's Pattern Book is the venerable compendium...
 Marguerite Porter Davison
Guide book
 M. Ali Birant
A Pracrical Guide
An illustrated guide and survey to traditional and modern Indonesian textile design.
 Michael Hitchcock
Textiles in China and their techniques.
 Ruth Smith
Offers guidance on how to properly store, clean, and display everything from wedding gowns to woven wall-hangings. It also explains...
 Harold F. Mailand & Dorothy Stites Alig
This is the most comprehensive manual written on natural dyes since the early 1800s. Jim Liles has rescued ancient skills...
 J. N. Liles
Kuwait information guide
A classic in the field, with clear instructions and numerous illustrations, the book describes both old techniques and new technical...
 Peter Collingwood
Drawing on the rich weaving traditions of the Near East and Central Asia, the clearly presented text is divided into...
 Peter F. Stone
All about Turkish handwoven carpets.
All about Turkish handwoven carpets.
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