Bogolan: Shaping Culture through Cloth in Contemporary Mali

In this illustrated book, Victoria Rovine explores the revival of a traditional African textile known variously as bogolanfini, bogolan or mudcloth. Since about 1990, artists of the West African nation of Mali have adapted this cloth, featuring black- or brown-and-white geometric patterns, to create a variety of wares, including intricately detailed paintings, elaborate high-fashion clothing …

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Turkish Delights

Liotard’s fine portraits of Westerners in Turkish dress, Carpaccio’s turbaned figures, and the coveted “Turkey” carpets that appear in paintings by Lotto and Holbein bear witness to a deep Western fascination with all things Ottoman. It is this cultural influence, spanning five hundred years — from the fall of Constantinople through to the twentieth century …

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Tareq Rajab Museum

Tareq Rajab Museum is a museum in Kuwait. The Tareq Rajab Museum houses a collection of over thirty thousand items collected over the last fifty years, of which approximately ten thousand are on permanent display.


Aiming to capture in detail the nomadic Bedouin lifestyle, Alan Keohane provides a photographic portrait of a people struggling to maintain their age-old bonds with desert and tradition in the face of the encroaching demands of the 20th century.