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Tribal and Village Rugs: The Definitive Guide to Design, Pattern & Motif

 Author: Peter F. Stone  Publisher: Thames & Hudson  : 2004  ISBN: 978-0-500-28672-2  Language: English  Tags: deignguidemotifpatternRugsTribalvillage |
Drawing on the rich weaving traditions of the Near East and Central Asia, the clearly presented text is divided into six major regional and tribal groupings, covering Anatolian, Baluchi, Caucasian, Kurdish, Persian and Turkmen motifs. These are further subdivided into more precise attributions and motif types, examining the derivations and uses of medallions, field repeats and borders and the relationships between them. Pattern recognition has long been used to determine the origin and age of rugs, and this detailed analysis of designs and their component elements provides a vital key to accurate attribution. Striking diagrams illustrate the way in which individual motifs may be adapted and reinterpreted over time, their evolution crossing historical, cultural and geographic boundaries.
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