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The Tacheh of Chahar Mahal

 Author: Parviz Tanavoli  Publisher: Yassavoli Publications  : 1998  ISBN: 964-306-068-3  Language: English  Tags: Chahar MahalIranTextilestribevillage |
Among the numerous types of tribal and village woven containers of Iran, the tachehs are quite special. These large bags are made by the villagers of the province of Chahar Mahal, in the foothills of Zagros Mountains, west of Esfahan. The tacheh are used to store wheat, barley and flour. Their designs are very different from those on other types of village bags. Until recent years, the tachehs of Chahar Mahal were unknown outside of their villages. In 1993, the author Parviz Tanavoli first presented them at the International Conference on Oriental Carpets in Hamburg. Now in this publication the author presents fifty tachehs with different designs and from different villages in Chahar Mahal Province. Along with the tachehs, the author introduces the creators of these bags and their land and he discusses the roots, the sources and the symbolism of the design on these exquisite textiles.
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