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Another outstanding contribution by Mr. Tanavoli to the study of South Persian tribal rugs and carpets -- this time on...
 Parviz Tanavoli
This book is the most comprehensive ever written on the horse accoutrements and animal covers of Iran. This book contains...
 Parviz Tanavoli
This beautifully produced and comprehensive volume presents for the first time the depth and variety of the pictorial Persian rugs...
 Parviz Tanavoli
Tribal arts from africa, asia, and the americans.
 Nicholas Barnard
 Parviz Tanavoli
This is an account of twenty-two years spent off and on among the Bedouins of Arabia, migrating, hunting, raiding, starving...
 Carl R. Raswan
Among the numerous types of tribal and village woven containers of Iran, the tachehs are quite special. These large bags...
 Parviz Tanavoli
The mountainous region of Saudi Arabia's Asir is one of the wildest and most remote places on earth. The tribes...
 Thierry Mauger
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