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On the Folklore and Oral History of the United Arab Emirates and Arab Gulf Countries

 Author: Adnan K. Abdulla, Hasan M Al Naboodah  Category:  Publisher: Zayed Center for Heritage and History  : 2001  ISBN: 9948-06-047-4  Tags:Arab | Folklore | Gulf | History |
Part 1.Priorities in heritage research : The past in search of a public: folklore and heritage in the Emirates and the Arab Gulf. Part 2.Oral traditions and performance art : Camels & palm trees: views of nomadic and settled life in the oral culture of the Dawasir tribe. Part 3.Customs, traditions and material culture : Food and folklore. Part 4.Modern technologies in the field of recording, documenting and classifying heritage : Towards establishing an internet-based database in the gulf region. Part 5.On the oral history of the UAE and Gulf States : Representing a re-thinking the past: oral and written tradition in the UAE and the Arab Gulf.