On the Folklore and Oral History of the United Arab Emirates and Arab Gulf Countries

Part 1.Priorities in heritage research : The past in search of a public: folklore and heritage in the Emirates and the Arab Gulf. Part 2.Oral traditions and performance art : Camels & palm trees: views of nomadic and settled life in the oral culture of the Dawasir tribe. Part 3.Customs, traditions and material culture : …

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The Arab of the Desert

The author was born in Beiru. He began collecting material for this book in 1929 and finished research for it in 1936. He was interested in providing information about the customs and people of Kuwait.

Arabia Deserta

A travel book by Charles Montagu Doughty (1843–1926), an English poet, writer, and traveller. Doughty had travelled in the Middle East and spent some time living with the Bedouins during the 1870s. Rory Stewart describes the book as “a unique chronicle of a piece of history that has been lost”.

Embroidery from Palestine

During this period Arab village women embellished their ceremonial costumes with a variety of materials and techniques: lustrous silk floss embroidery, intricate cord couching, and taffeta and satin patchwork. Embroidery styles varied throughout the country, so that each garment was both a work of art and an expression of village and regional identity. Shelagh Weir …

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The Black Tents of Arabia

This is an account of twenty-two years spent off and on among the Bedouins of Arabia, migrating, hunting, raiding, starving and feasting and making wonderful desert friendships. The author writes the book for ‘the Lord of the land of his fathers, ‘ the King of Arabia ‘Abd el-‘Aziz ibn Sa’ud el Wahhab and his governors …

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