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The American Needlepoint Guild – The Fiber Book

 Author: Virginia Dubenetzky  : 1983  Language: English  Tags: americanCottonFiberguildlinenNeedlepointSilkwool |

The Ridge Needlepointers Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild wanted a Fiber Book which would answer the question – What is this fiber, and how do I use it in Needlepoint? Nothing on the market met our needs, and after a conference with Father Bob and Doris Sheffer it was proposed to the membership that we make a Fiber Book of our own. It was decided that each fiber would have a page explaining what the fiber was, how it was packaged and what colors were available. In addition, we wanted to know if the color matched that of another product, what size mesh was most appropriate, the number of plys needed, needle size, stitchery tips and any other general information which would make stitching more effective.

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