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Kuwaiti-Slovak Archaeological Mission to Failaka

 Author: Lucia Benedikova, Peter Barta - Maria Hajnalova, Zora Miklikova, Tereza Tirpak, Karol Pieta, Shehab A. H. Shehab  Publisher: National Council for Culture, Arts & Letters  : 2008  ISBN: 978-999-06-0-237-1  Language: English  Tags: archeologicalFailakaIslandkuwaitSlovak |
Provides information about Kuwaiti-Slovak Archaological Mission to Failaka island between 2004-2008. It describes the history o the work at Al Khidr, the key site investigatedd, and how archaeological palaeoenvironmental and ethnoarchaeological studies are being utilized to reveal life during the bronze age on the island.
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