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Awards of the First International Islamic Artisans At Work Festival

 Author: Naseih Maarouf  Publisher: IRCICA  : 1999  ISBN: 92-9063-085-X  Language: English  Classification Number: 795.50 I.E  Registration Number: 13  Tags: artisanAwardfestivalinternationalIslam |

The First International Artisans-at-Work Festival held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 7-15 October 1994 displayed the handicrafts of the Islamic world and the neighbouring countries for a period of ten days. Around two thousand craftsmen, craft specialists, artists, musicians, representatives of institutions dealing with crafts from seventy-three countries participated in the activities. Four million people visited the festival area and country stands. Nearly one hundred craftsmen from sixty countries, in addition to one thousand and two hundred craftsmen from Pakistan, presented their skills and creativity by working in the country stands that were arranged around the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad. Perhaps for the first time in the world, the festival brought together such a great number of craftsmen and craft specialists in one venue. The event was followed by the major media organisations of the world.

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