Beyond the Loom: Contemporary Expressions of Sadu seamlessly blends contemporary design aesthetics with the rich heritage of Sadu-inspired craftsmanship, presented by AlSadu Society. This unique showcase tells a story of cultural continuity and artistic innovation through meticulously crafted Art produced by Kuwaiti artisans.

The exhibition showcases the skilled translation of geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and cultural motifs from Sadu textiles into the realm of furniture and ceramics, resulting in a stunning fusion of heritage and creativity, with each piece narrating a tale of cultural pride and artisanal expertise.

This exhibition pays homage to the women who have been the custodians of this craft, skillfully weaving the narratives of their lives into the fabric of history through their tapestries. Their ability to create such rich visual narratives, using the sparse resources available in their nomadic desert existence, speaks volumes about their ingenuity and resilience.

Curated with the support of the AlSadu Society, this exhibition underscores the dedication of local artisans who, much like the weavers of yore, invest their entire beings into their craft. Each piece is a unique testament to their commitment, adding a rich layer to Kuwait’s artistic and cultural narrative. “Beyond the Loom” is not merely an exhibition; it is an eloquent discourse on the transformation of tradition into contemporary expression, an exploration of how historical threads are interwoven into the tapestry of modern Kuwaiti art and design.

London Craft Week

Date: 13 May -19 May 2024

Location: Kuwait Embassy in London
2 Albert Gate, London SW1X 7JU, United Kingdom


Ali AlYousefi is an architect, artist, and writer. He has been making art for many years, usually with strong references to architectural forms, and sometimes pairing artworks with creative writing. His artworks have been exhibited in the SADI (2022) group show at Sadu House, Kuwait, as well as in a solo exhibition titled One Room After Another (2024) at Safat Studios, Kuwait.

Alia AlFares is the owner of Align Interior Design and Decoration Consultancy Company that mainly manufactures furniture and home accessories made from the natural Travertine stone and are made in Kuwait. Graduating from the American University of Washington DC where she majored in Applied mathematics with a minor in Computer Science.  In 2022, she started her own business as a result of her passion for interior design.

Farah Bastaki, a Kuwaiti visual artist, blends ancient cultures into narrative artworks, inspired by medieval and ancient eras. With a background in Accounting and Art Studio, she’s self-taught and passionate about maximalist art. Through workshops and collaborations, she aims to inspire others and create distinctive jewelry pieces using vitreous enamel glass.

Experienced Freelance Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry. Skilled in Art, Graphic Design, Leadership, Business Development, and Adobe Illustrator. Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Fine Arts – MFA focused in Industrial and Product Design from The New School.

Husam Rashid Fahad Al-Rushaid, a Kuwaiti artist, has nearly four decades of experience in interior design, bespoke fine furniture, home accessories, and event planning. With a bachelor’s in design and a diploma in art education, he blends Kuwaiti, Arabic, and Islamic traditions with modern art, garnering international recognition. His work is celebrated locally and internationally, attracting a discerning clientele in Kuwait and the GCC.

Kuwaiti product designer Kawthar Alsaffar attained her BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design, and MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art in London. Kawther is the principal designer and owner of Studio Saffar. Founded in 2014, Studio Saffar is a design studio based in Kuwait that creates products rooted in local craftsmanship.

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A native of Kuwait, Laila Al-Hamad is a cultural researcher and the founder of Zeri Crafts, a concept business inspired by Gulf heritage seeking to reconnect to traditional craftsmanship. Her research interests draw upon the craft culture of the region including traditional bedouin weaving, olfactory rituals, and the historic value of craft in the Middle East.

Manal Almaimouni, a Kuwaiti textile artist and designer, exhibits internationally with shows in Malaysia, England, UAE, and France. Inspired by her heritage, she innovates weaving by incorporating wood, showcasing cultural narratives. Passionate about preserving Kuwaiti and Arabian weaving, she honors women’s roles in art and architecture, emphasizing natural materials’ significance.

Muneera Hamed Alsharhan, a Kuwaiti artist and jewelry designer, holds a BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design and a MA in Design: Jewellery from Central Saint Martins. Awarded the Arab Woman’s Award for Young Designer in 2016, her work reflects her Arabian Gulf heritage, blending tradition with modern techniques.