AlSadu library research facility is a space dedicated to help scholars and researchers. It attains a variety of documents, books, publications, and periodicals on plentiful of subjects, alone with art related studies. 

The library has undergone a digitalization process to ensure easy access for our AlSadu scholars, enthusiasts, and academics. It currently holding over 500 books in different languages.

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No Image Available 5000 Years of Textiles
A work of reference which performs as a comprehensive survey of textile art and production around the world, dating from...
Jennifer Harris
No Image Available A Handweaver’s Pattern Book
Pick the perfect pattern every time! Sought after for nearly a century, A Handweaver's Pattern Book is the venerable compendium...
Marguerite Porter Davison
No Image Available A Scandalous Life
The biography of Jane Digby el Mezrab.
Mary S. Lovell
No Image Available A Silver Legend: The...
The most distinctive coins ever minted, the Empress Maria Theresa thaler was first struck in 1741 in Vienna, a year...
Clara Semple
No Image Available Across Australia
A traveling exhibition created by Dijanne cevaal
Dijanne cevaal
No Image Available Afghan Women: Tales of...
this book is dedicated to the courageous people of Afghanistan.
Naila Hussain
No Image Available African Textiles Woven
((10 Envelopes and notecards)) From 1 to 5: Textile, Ghana - From 6 to 10: Tunic, Algeria.
No Image Available African Textiles: Color and...
Generously sized and beautifully illustrated, African Textiles is an authoritative survey of textile arts - unique and collectible rugs, tapestries,...
John Gillow
No Image Available Al Sadu
The techniques of bedouin weaving
Anne Rhona Crichton

On research documentation and academic endeavors, AlSadu Society boasts the publication of several books on Kuwait’s rich textile heritage; both nomadic Bedouin and urban pit-loom bisht weaving. 

The books are:

-“Kuwait Traditions “ 

By AlSabah Altaf 2001, 

a collection of descriptive essays on the different aspects of Kuwait’s traditions and significant aspects of its material culture; society, culture, crafts and the creative expression. It was selected by Amazon as one of the ten most informative books on the Gulf and the Arabian.

Ibjad ; ornate tent dividers of the desert. 

By Altaf AlSabah 2006. 

A study of the socio – cultural context of Bedouin weaving, design repertoire and imagery of the highly prized tent dividers of the desert of Kuwait.

From Desert to Town the traditional weaving of Kuwait 

        By Gillow John ,with a    

         Forward by Zahra Freeth . 

Several studies, pamphlets, articles and papers have been written by research fellows, collaborations with textile specialists and artists and students who have been welcomed to access our library, archives and meet and interview AlSadu Society’s weavers and members. 

We are pleased to cite the following; 

⁃Keriene Canava , 

⁃Ceyda Osky 

⁃Lesli Robertson 

⁃Zeinab Ibrahim